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Typically, we are looking for long term relationships where we can prove our talents in Document Service Management and bring Technology Solutions that maximize your operation efficiencies . . . but, maybe you just want to print something quick and easy without breaking the bank. Why not try

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What Clients Say

The RedShark Group has become a highly valued supplier for our organization. They have implemented an easy and efficient end-to-end process to help our organization access and distribute our internal documentation, white papers, marketing materials, training materials, and software. Their level of customer focus and creativity in solving our business objectives is simply outstanding.
Robert D
I wanted to give you all huge props for helping us pull everything together for xxxx project from printing to design to redos to last minute chaos…Thank you for all your effort. Without your calm can-do attitudes, we would have been in a much tougher spot. The event has gone very well and we thank you for everything.
Sarita B.
Our successful working relationship with RedShark goes back to 1997, when I was Webmaster for IBM Data Management. used FatBrain– the predecessor of RedShark–for physical fulfillment of customer requests for CD-ROMs, brochures, and dozens of other ‘mailable’ items. Today, we collaborate with RedShark to help our clients save time, money (and warehouse space!) by outsourcing the fulfillment of customer requests. It’s a win-win-win solution, for us, for our clients, and for 1000s of end users. RedShark leverages technology and a robust warehouse infrastructure to make life easier for every organization that needs to offer physical deliverables to website visitors and/or its own personnel.
John W.